The Krisiloff Anti-inflammatory Diet
The Prevention for Urinary Problems, Heartburn, Arthritis & Potentially Prostate Cancer
2009 softcover, 59 pages, published by One World Press

“Today, as the concept emerges that chronic inflammation causes many common medical problems.  I believe I can demonstrate empirically that the Krisiloff Diet can help prevent or cure these problems because of its special anti-inflammatory properties.” — Dr. Milton Krisiloff


· More often than most doctors realize, common urinary symptoms can be caused by an inflammation of the prostate which is not caused by an infection: in other words, prostatitis.

· Of 2400 of Dr. Krisiloff’s patients with prostatitis or urethral syndrome, 87% of men and 89% of women were cured of their symptoms

· “While there is no definite proof that inflammation leads to prostate cancer, there are growing suggestions about this connection.”

· .”I have strong clinical experience that I can prevent prostatitis through diet alone. Therefore, I am willing to say that the Krisiloff Diet should be used as a way to potentially prevent or control prostate cancer.


From Dr. Milton Krisiloff:
“This book is intended to share my great success with the Krisiloff Diet  an all natural, anti-inflammatory diet. The diet has been successful for almost 30 years in helping thousands of my patients find cures for their common chronic medical problems. With a purely holistic approach, I have helped patients cure problems associated with the urinary tract, digestive tract and rheumatoid arthritis. Cardiac problems, sinus conditions, chronic headaches and even some with elevated blood pressure have been helped as well. Additionally and importantly, it might even be a way to prevent the most common cancer in men  prostate cancer. Until now, there has been little help and little hope for many people suffering from these common everyday medical problems.  The quality of their life is compromised, and they are frustrated because they cannot find solutions.  Despite billions of dollars spent by our health care systems, millions still suffer."

· “My doctor told me ‘surgery is the only way to get better.’ Dr. Krisiloff told me that I did not have a bladder infection, nor that I needed any surgery. I had seen many urologists... After following Dr. Krisiloff’s advice, with a month, I was better... finally putting to an end my many years of pain and discomfort”

· “Dr. Krisiloff’s program has enabled me to take charge of my own health and moreover my life again.  His approach is innovative and yet atypical of the usual medical model thinking.  Thank goodness!”

· “You cured three for three—inflammation of the prostate, no more blood in my urine, and my psa count dropped to within a normal count of 3.5.”


Dr. Krisiloff has been highlighted in Los Angeles Magazine as one of the top 10 urologists in Los Angeles.  From 1988 to 2004, he served as the personal urologist to Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States  an honor that he considers to be the highlight of his medical career.  For the past 30 years he has practiced urology at Saint John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California. During this period he has served as Chief of Urology, Secretary of the Medical Staff, Vice President of the Medical Staff, and the Chief of the Medical Staff. Saint John’s Hospital is known to be one of the preeminent medical centers in the United States.